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Tenant Form

Please complete fully, the more information you give us the easier it is for us to help you.

Tenant particulars
Date of Birth:
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Motor Vehicle Particulars
Will you be parking a motor vehicle at the premise?: Yes No If yes please give details below.

Next of Kin (not to be living with you)


Current / Previous Landlord
Landlord Current / Previous: Current Previous (They may also be rung for a reference.)

References (person who can vouch for you). Written references preferred with this form.

Property Details
Is anyone else going to be living with you at the property? Yes No (if yes they will also need to complete a form).
No. of Bedrooms Required:
House Flat

Contents Insurance Policy

Terms & Conditions

  • I agree to any of this information or any information obtained about me to be given to another lanlord, credit bureau / collection agency or tenant default database.
  • I authorise the landlord to report any breach of the tenancy agreement or breach of the Residential Tenancy Act.
  • I agree that the landlord may use any information on this form to enforce any judgment or money order obtained against us.
  • I authorise any electric power, gas, or telecommunications supplier, Housing New Zealand Corporation, Work and Income Department, Ministry of Justice, or postal service or any person or agency under their respective control to give the landlord any information about my past, present or future address.

I warrant that the above particulars are true and correct and authorise Morton & Co Ltd to provide particulars to anyone who may enquire concerting the same. I also authorise the organizations and people details above to divulge any information to Morton & Co Ltd may request. I make the above authorisation irrevocable.

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I have read & agreed to the above conditions.